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Executive Sponsors



Ed Toner

Chief Information Officer, State of Nebraska

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Bret Blackman

Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, University of Nebraska.

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CAP Members



Ed Toner                     Office of the CIO
Jayne Scofield            Office of the CIO
Rick Becker                 Office of the CIO
Tom Rolfes                  Office of the CIO
Becca Kingery          Office of the CIO
Bret Blackman            University of Nebraska
Andrew Buker             University of Nebraska
Neil Brown                 University of Nebraska
Greg Gray                   University of Nebraska
Walter Aude               University of Nebraska
Tom Flair                     University of Nebraska
Mike Wentworth                University of Nebraska
Brian Tehan                University of Nebraska
Cullen Robbins          Nebraska Public Service Commission
TBA                                Nebraska Department of Education
Ron Cone                 ESU 16 (NNAG Co-Chair for K-12)
Tom Peters                 Central Community College (NNAG Co-Chair for Higher Education)
Other guests               As invited