History of Network Nebraska


Legislative Bill 1208
Legislative Bill 1208 (2006) was the impetus for the statewide network called Network Nebraska-Education, although many regional K-12, state, and University of Nebraska networking was in place before the bill. LB 1208 was co-introduced on January 18, 2006, by Senators Raikes, Pederson, Baker, and Stuhr. This bill embodied many of the recommendations contained in the final report of the Distance Education Enhancement Task Force, which met from July to December 2005. (listed under Education Committee reports; 20MB, 103 pgs). : LB689_2005 (pdf)


LB 1208 and 1208A
On 4/13/06, LB 1208 and LB 1208A were passed by the Legislature and were signed into law by the Governor (Search 'Final 1208' under the 99th Session; 72 pgs). Search Bills


Distance Education Plan
The distance education improvement plan crafted by the legislature education committee was centered on three general principles. First, the plan recognized the responsibility of school districts, ESUs, and public postsecondary education institutions to make decisions related to participation in distance education. Second, the plan encouraged and incentivized the exchange of distance education courses using a statewide network, known as Network Nebraska. Third, the plan provided for statewide coordination through a new entity, the Distance Education Council (renamed ESU Coordinating Council, 7/1/08).


Prior to Network Nebraska
Prior to Network Nebraska (1992-2006), video distance education was provided by 12 separate consortia of school districts and ESUs that were isolated technologically from each other, with no interconnecting network.